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Margaret Silf
The Gift of Prayer
Embracing the Sacred in the Everyday

Written in gentle prose, full of compassion and insight, this book is an investigation into the many facets of prayer. What is prayer? Why do we desire it? and Who am I praying to? are some of the questions to contemplate in this primer full of short, informal readings.

Providing focused, lucid, and practical approaches to prayer, this book emphasizes the benefits of using it in everyday situations. With the guidance of both ancient traditions and contemporary experiences, the deep and abiding qualities of prayer are also explored, helping illuminate the ways in which prayer can complement daily life.

The Gift of Prayer is a true treasure. Silf gives a readable, sound, and poetic overview for the person beginning to pray; and those who have devoted a good part of a lifetime to seeking God will find it an excellent meditation piece. This book resonates like a prayer bell: deep, true, and inviting.”
Mary Lou Kownacki, author of Between Two Souls

“A gentle invitation to a deeper life with God from a trustworthy, experienced guide who is clear, practical, and always reassuring.”
Kathleen Finley, author of Savoring God

“In this moving and wise collection of meditations on prayer, Margaret Silf asks all the right questions and gently invites us to formulate increasingly sophisticated and mature answers. Whether you pray daily or are suspicious of prayer, this book will be a gift.”
Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, author of Invisible Lines of Connection