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Joan Chittister
In the Heart of the Temple
My Spiritual Vision for Today’s World
Foreword by Martin E. Marty

This prophetic manifesto for the preservation of the world brings together Joan Chittister’s most powerful, influential, and celebrated writings.

Passionate and provocative, this collection combines the spiritual practices of the Rule of Saint Benedict with the contemporary struggles for social justice, feminism, and ecology. Today’s most pressing spiritual, political, social, economical, and environmental questions are addressed and individuals of every religious and political persuasion are challenged to unite under a new and bold vision that honors the earth, its people, and all of life.

“...This collection shows coherence and has force...Joan Chittister persuades...and does not preach...Her moral sense evokes moral judgment, but never from a position that would suggest that she has everything worked out and that she stands above the crowd.”
Martin E. Marty, from the Foreword

“Chittister...imparts her hopes and dreams of a better life for all in this collection...she articulates her concerns beautifully and ethereally...Readers who share her vision...will be delighted to read what she has to say.”
Publishers Weekly